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Reason - Mostly due to one or more worn bearings, normal symtoms noisey in low gears ie. 1st & 2nd or noisey in high gears ie. 5th &6th.

Selector failed ie. sheared apart or synchro hub damaged so outer hub cant slide over inner hub.

Synchro rings (baulk rings) worn sometimes the gear is coated to grip the synchro if the coating has worn off then a new gear is needed.

Worn (dog teeth) the small teeth on the gear or the teeth on the inner part of the outer hub are worn or more than likely both are worn. When the selector is worn down this results in the box not fully selecting the gear.

Whining noise is often due to worn bearings or surface damage to shafts or casing.
Clicking is more often due to damaged teeth on gears or crown wheel and pinion.

If this is an MA gearbox this is normally due to failed bearings. This is easily rectified by replacing the faulty bearing. Generally an inexpensive repair which we carry out on a regular basis.

If your gearbox is GetRag them it can also be down to bearings however it could also be due to a faulty or worn main shaft - this can be rectified by machining the main shaft and replacing bearings. Again in most cases an inexpensive fix often pricing starts at around £180 for this type of repair.

This is not easy to ascertain for these vehicles. In this case we always recommend that you check this out with your local garage, or check with the main dealer that the vehicle was first purchased from.
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